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Stand up!

I have been appointed to provide the quote of the day at my job.  It not only gives me a moment to reflect on my mood and attitude, but also what I want to distribute to influence others.  My goal is to find something that makes others think and reflect.  I even throw a funnyContinue reading “Stand up!”

The Real MVP

Photo credit: My sons have gotten older and their activities have grown.  They have participated in football, basketball, baseball, softball, track, and even cheerleading.  Although I was an athletic child, I was not a sports junkie.  I’d still rather hit the mall instead of watching the game.  But in order to be involved andContinue reading “The Real MVP”

It’s Working

It is my normal routine to start the day with good news and positive energy.  After flipping to the local gospel station, The Light, from the Tom Joyner Morning Show, I’d randomly hear “It’s Working” by Pastor William H. Murphy, III.  Usually I’d be with the boys or on a call.  Even with life happening, theContinue reading “It’s Working”

Beauty is her Shade?

Photo Credit: Ms. K After the conversation with my Kings about their experience, I wanted to know what they thought about beauty.  I know they are visual, noticing how young ladies are presented, but is skin shade a factor?  Being a plus model, I know that shape and size are.  I don’t mind them having aContinue reading “Beauty is her Shade?”

Shades of Kings

Photo credit: Doug Mills/New York Times With pictures of more diverse shades of black women in the media and mentions of doll studies with children, I decided to research.  I learned about Kenneth and Mamie Clark’s experiments on racial biases.  I also found Anderson Cooper’s videos on doll studies and how children view race.  TheContinue reading “Shades of Kings”

Take Off

Have you ever opened your eyes one morning, or afternoon, and wondered why it looked so strange?  An unfamiliar place; one you hadn’t quite planned for yourself.  Well, I’ve had plenty of days when I asked, “How did I get here?”  I started out going with the flow and the inch, that I thought IContinue reading “Take Off”


There are celebrities, people in the world of fashion and entertainment, and even the everyday “15 minutes of fame-ers” who keep large networks.  I wonder sometimes, what is that network really worth?  What good does it do to know/be familiar with so many people/have so many followers if they have no value to your lifeContinue reading “Network-th”


In just a couple of days, it will be Valentine’s Day.  People all over are preparing for the ones they love, like, or maybe just sweet on.  Orders for flowers, chocolates, berries, and gifts are being placed online.  Appointments are being made at salons, barbershops, and spas.  Reservations are being made at restaurants.  People areContinue reading “XOXO”